FBM Fulfillment

FBM Fulfillment

Amazon FBM is much more affordable than Amazon FBA

It doesn’t matter how much inventory you have because DAIMON Logistics USA has large enough own warehouse spaces to store them all.

We pack and ship hundreds of orders every day.; we work with the best carrier companies.

Our Other Services In The FBM

Selling with Amazon isn’t your only option when working with DAIMON Logistics USA. We can also take over your fulfillment work for other e-commerce platforms.

When you work with Amazon FBA, you can only use their packaging. When working with us, you can use the packaging you want, and your brand will become much more visible to your customers. We are able to use your custom packaging.

If you wish, we can handle the returns for you. We have a very open policy regarding returns. We can work on these returned products for you or send them directly to you as they are

The packaging is always determined according to the products and done without error.

When customers want to return a product for any reason, we respond as quickly as possible.